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Lead Consultant/CEO: Mary E. Chown, B.S., M.S. Ed., C.G.M.S.

Mary Chown is a non-profit fundraising consultant specializing in strategic planning, project development, and increasing capacity through organizational development and fundraising. She specializes in grant writing and grant management and provides guidance and training to non-profit leaders throughout the region, the nation, and around the world. 

Originally from Chester County, Pennsylvania, Mary Chown served as director/coordinator and manager for more than 17 years within several various social service organizations throughout PA, CA, and NY before settling in Berks County in 2008. Mary started MECAdvising in 2017 to provide consultation and training for higher education institutions, nonprofits (small and large) and grants colleagues with a specific focus on her regional community.  MECAdvising has since grown to assist nonprofits all over the world to partner, advance their mission and expand their impact.

Mary also provides tailored professional training and guidance in the areas of project development, strategic planning, budget planning, grant writing and grant management to include risk management, grants accounting, and the ever daunting 2 CFR 200. Through strategies and plans, grant acquisition, organizational management, project development, donor relations, and community partnerships, Mary has helped numerous and varied nonprofits achieve great success in advancing their fiscal activities. She has written, received and directed grant programs and projects both nationally and internationally to include a diverse portfolio of funding sources; Federal, State, Private and Corporate and boasts nearly $20M in grants awarded to date. 

Mary is a prolific speaker/presenter and has presented on grants and other non profit advancement topics to include Federal grant management, the importance of Strategic Planning, maintaining requirements and ethical standards, and keeping current with federal and state legislation impacting funding and organizations as a whole. She has been sponsored by AFP Berks Chapter, EPGN, CASE, the United Way of Berks County, and others, and presents to a consortium of non-profits from Berks, Chester, Schuylkill, and Philadelphia counties regularly.  

Mary achieved her Master’s degree in 2012 in STEM education and held teaching certifications in both Secondary Education and AP Science Education. She has also achieved certification from Villanova School of Business in The Principles of Fundraising, and is a nationally certified Grants Management Specialist (CGMS) specializing in Federal Grant management.

Mary has received multiple awards for her work and dedication to include “Unsung Hero Award” from Caron Foundation, “Partnership Award” from Raise Your Hand Foundation, and has also gained national and international recognition via newspaper, magazine publications, and social media to include; The AD Times, The RI Catholic, CNA (global), and Holy Family Radio. She served on the AFP Berks Chapter Board, was the POC for the Eastern PA Grants Network (EPGN), and is a member of several local, national and international organizations. 

Mary is driven by the achievements she believes are only possible with partnerships, teamwork, and a mission to do great things for others.


Mary  E. Chown

Chief Executive Officer/Lead Consultant

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